Create Shelves Using Boards and Cups and Tins...Oh My!!

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When you need a little bit of shelving, don't break the piggy bank. I used boards and covered cans, cups, tins and jars. Your efforts are limited by your imagination so keep it simple or be bold!!
This was by black and red bathroom, as is some of the others. This one is simply Dollar Tree contact paper, a 2' 6" board and two veggie cans. I won a prize for all three of these during my time submitting these tips.
This was in the same house, and the same horrible orange counters...But my blue and yellow kitchen lent an air of country to an otherwise 70's style apt. Again, boards and cans. This was wallpaper without the glue. There were actually two boards but I split the can in the middle for support with each board so you can't even tell.
This was a nicer bathroom and I did it with cups. Sometimes you just don't have enough room on the counter and I like things to be pretty so I hide all the utilitarian stuff and let the rest shine!
And this is my kitchen now. Tins and white boards give me double room for pretties above and below.

I hope this inspires you to look around or go shopping but it's fun to see what you can make out of what you have!!
Suggested materials:
  • Boards to match the length I needed, not more than 4" deep.   (I had all from friends who renovated their homes.)
  • Cups, Tins, Jars, and Veggie Cans   (Had them from my home.)
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