Dollar Tree Laundry Sign Hack

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by Beachwood Place LLC
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I found these neat little wooden arrows at the Dollar Tree along with these peel and stick fun fonts! I wanted to add something cute and fun to my laundry so I decided to make a sign to hang up.

This is what it looked like when I bought them. Not very exciting, but so much you could do with it!

Here is what I used..

3 wooden arrows $3

one peel and stick $1

one paint brush 99 cents

paint sample of your choice. $3

polyurethane $7

This is the paint I used. I decided to paint the back as well, it just feels more finished!

After the paint dries, cut the peel and stick to fit on to each arrow.

I decided where I wanted them to go before I painted. Once dry, place the peel and stick onto the arrows. For a little more protection, I sprayed some poly on each one. That’s all there is to it! Simple, inexpensive and looks great in your laundry room! Remember you can choose a color to match your room! Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

Suggested materials:
  • Arrows   (Dollar tree)
  • Peel & stick   (Dollar tree)
  • Paint   (Home Depot)
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