Easy Ribbon Cross Frame

Brittani Willnauer
by Brittani Willnauer
5 Materials
7 Minutes

Create this easy cross project using an old frame, ribbon, fabric flowers, and a Chalk Couture stencil!

Use an old frame to create this adorable ribbon cross decor!

1) Cut two pieces of ribbon to correspond to the length and width of the frame.

2) Hot glue each ribbon to the frame, ensuring to leave a little bit of slack in the ribbon.

3) Crimp the center where the ribbons intersect and tie in a diagonal pattern to create an X.

4) Hot glue fabric flowers or other embellishments over the ties.

5) Apply the Chalk Couture stencil at the bottom of the ribbon. Be sure there are no bubbles in the stencil and it is adhered completely to the ribbon.

6) Squeegee on the chalk paste and remove all excess paste from the stencil.

7) Peel off stencil, rinse in water, and reuse it!

Suggested materials:
  • 11x14 frame   (Thrift store)
  • Ribbon   (Any craft store)
  • Fabric Flowers   (Michaels)
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