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Add some character to your dining room.

Guys. it's been a minute but hey, life keeps us busy right?

So I've been changing things around at home, you know, out with the old in with the new.

Decluttering the house after Christmas is a thing, let me tell you, who doesn't like to pack everything away after the new year, all of a sudden there's more square footage in your house than you'd realised.

After decluttering I wanted to add some old English charm to the house, so my husband and I headed off to our local DIY store B&Q I purchased a large MDF sheet which they kindly cut up for me, I requested 10cm width 1.2m heigh strips

I drew the section out onto the wall using the 10cm strip. I did the frame then divided the remaining space by 3, leaving 33cm between each strip.

The MDF sheet was 2.44m by 1.2m costing a total of £26, B&Q cuts wood for customers for free which is a bonus.

I used my jigsaw to cut the panelling

you can purchase adhesive glue from pound store/ dollar store which I used to adhere the MDF strips to the wall

The drawings I did on the wall were my guide for panelling, this made it so easy to glue them in place.

once your panelling is all up, use wood filler to fill in any gaps between the connecting panels, once dried sand it all down.

Here I use caulk which will give you a tidy finish, I used this inside the panelling windows as well as the gaps between the panelling and wall. wet your finger and run your finger down the caulking to give you a nice clean finish

once the caulking dried I used a brush and painted the wood with an undercoat, the wood is dark so I found using a brush means fewer coats were needed

then using a 4" sponge roller I painted the panelling, using the roller gives you a better finish so I would recommend this final step.

Here we have the finished look

it's given the room some character which it was lacking

I used a large piece of MDF and was left with a large number of planks enough to do another room.

The total cost of this project would set you back roughly £20 given you have the tools and paint already otherwise know more than £30 MDF is cheap and comes in smaller sizes.

happy DIY-ING

Suggested materials:
  • Mdf   (B&Q)
  • Adhesive glue   (Poundland)
  • Paint   (B&Q)
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  • Kathy Kathy on Jan 19, 2022

    You made it look simple. It looks beautiful. What does £30 mean?

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  • William William on Jan 17, 2022

    Looks good. Here in the US we call it board and batten. Adds dimension and character rather than plain wainscotting. Great share

    • Toni Toni on Jan 17, 2022

      Hi William, I had no idea that's really interesting, is that for MDF or just for creating this look that it would be called board and batten?

      and thank you, unfortunately, I had a connection clitch so my post wasn't quite up to scratch however I've rectified that now. I appreciate your feedback 🙂

  • William William on Jan 17, 2022

    It's the look. People will use MDF, plywood strips, firing strips, etc. Here are some other Hometalkers have done.