Multi Purpose Wall Decor

4 Materials
My bathroom is small and I wanted to put a hand towel rail and some art work but did not have the space to do both. So I combined them and came up with this.
Got this Frame from the art shop.
Had a pebble tiles left after tiling my shower. So I cut the pebbles off and glued  them on frame. Painted the inner of the frame.
Got a pretty hook. Problem was I could not hang the frame like normal frames because I needed the hook tight on the wall. We drilled it straight onto the wall threw the frame.
Got myself some art that goes with the shower (Bathroom Theme).
Also got myself a hand towel rail.
Suggested materials:
  • Frame   (Art Store)
  • Pebble Tiles   (Tile Supply store)
  • Paint   (Left overs)
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