Old Wood Board to Rustic Coat Rack

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40 Minutes

On one of my walks around the lake I came across this Wonderful weathered piece of wood. I know most people would look at it and walk on by, not me! When I saw this I knew it would make a perfect coat rack for my temporary house. So of course I lugged it home.

Weathered board

Here it is my perfectly naturally weathered piece of wood.

Seal it

The first thing I did was take a sanding block and knock off any large splinters that might harm me or anyone hanging up a jacket. Once I had it smooth enough but not to smooth to ruin my wonderful weathered look. I took a sponge brush and polyurethane put a couple of coats whole thing. I wanted make sure it penetrated all of the cracks and crevices. This will help from any of the jackets or fabric to snag on the lovely weather cracks in the wood.

Laying out hooks

I pulled out these black metal hooks that I had used for a previous project. They were perfect to contrast the weathered wood and sturdy to hold all kinds of items. I made sure to separate them enough, in case large items were to hang on Them. The next part was easy I just took little black screws and my screw gun to secure them to my boards.

Drilling mounting holes

I did not put the hooks all the way to the end because I knew I was going to use lag bolts to mounted to the wall. I put my drill bit on my screw gun the size of the lag bolts and drilled two small holes on either side of the board.

Mounted with lag bolts

I figured that I was going to have to do patching anyway so I might as well make sure that the coat rack was mounted securely on the wall. The board itself was a little heavier than average and I knew once jackets,purses whatever got hung up there it would need some support.


Black lag bolts matched the hooks and bring out the grain in wood. Are you still level and marked it and hung it. Because I found the wood and I already have the hooks and lags this was a super cheap project.


Here it is, super simple, super easy and turned out awesome. I hope that this inspires you to not pass up a beautiful piece of wood when you see it. Think outside the box, some would pay an arm and a leg for this in a boutique. There you have it I hope you enjoy would love to hear your thoughts and concerns.

Suggested materials:

  • Old board   (Found it)
  • Sanding block   (Hardware store)
  • Polyurethane   (Hardware store)
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