Keep Your Pets Water Cool

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30 Minutes
With summer temperatures reaching into the high nineties this summer has become critical to make sure my pets have cool fountain water to drink. I had been adding ice to the water several times a day. During a rainy day recently I discovered that my large umbrella was dent and once I put it up it would not come back down. I left it on the porch for disposal, several days past and while I was checking the pet’s water I noted the umbrella and thought why not use it for shade above the fountain. If water has shade it will stay much cooler.
I cut off milk jug, used Goo Gone to remove the label and washed it in Dawn dish liquid. Next I placed the umbrella in the empty jug and filled the jug with gravel, which I washed clean of dirt and debris. My pets are small making the height of the umbrella just perfect for them.
The cover of the umbrella is still in good shape, no holes, rips or tears so I feel it was a good environmental friendly choice to recycle it, rather send it to the landfill. My pets love it! The cat climbs around the edge of the fountain under the umbrella and drinks from the upper level of the fountain. Cats certainly are smart animals.
Suggested materials:
  • Umbrella   (Had on hand)
  • Goo Gone   (Walmart)
  • Dawn Dish Liquid   (Walmart)
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