How do I trim back my red tips?


I have a red tip on each side of my front door and they've never looked especially good. Over the years they've become quite scraggly, as you can see. They were planted by the builder in 1979 when the house had just a few trees but over the years, all my trees have become quite large and now my yard is very shady. The place where these red tips are growing never gets direct sun and I read that they do best in a sunny spot. They're putting out new leaves now but they're not going to look good left as they are. The water line to the house must be under the one on the right since there's an outside faucet there so I'm afraid if I try to dig them up and transplant them or give them to someone with a sunny yard, I'll damage the water line and that will be huge bit of money to move a shrub! I thought about cutting them WAY down and letting them sorta start over since it's growing season but I read online that they should be cut in the fall or winter. But since it's technically still winter, would that be an OK idea? I also read that they can grow 2-3 feet in a season so they wouldn't be short for very long and during that time, I could plant shade-friendly impatiens there to fill in and give color on both sides of the door. I'd really like to have one of whatever the shrub is next to the first photo in the place of the red tip because it's native to GA (I'm in metro Atlanta.) it grows just great in this shady area.


q how do i trim back my red tips

Anyone know what the shrub on the right is? It grows great in this location.

q how do i trim back my red tips

Yes, I know this one has a weed growing on it. I'm gonna dig it up (the weed).

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