Seed Starting Success!

I am pleased to say that the mini-greenhouse, seed-starting experiment is a roaring success! It is by far the easiest seed-starting setup I have ever used. Within days of planting, I had seedlings with less mess and less fuss than ever before.
Just a quick review of this wondrous, yet so simple, seed-starting setup. If you don’t have a greenhouse (and the vast majority of us do not) and you have very little indoor space near windows with good lighting, then give this a whirl. Start with clear plastic storage containers, seed pots of your choice, some good organic seed-starting soil, and some seeds. (see the full set-up post here:
I planted my seeds on Saturday, February 14 (and yes, I gave them a little love), I set them outside for only one day because winter finally arrived on the 15th for some of the coldest temps on record, and as I sit here, we are forecast to have our second round of snow this week. Just a reminder…I live in South Carolina. And, yet…I have seedlings!

I have found that one of the most difficult tasks in starting seeds successfully is the watering. You really must keep the soil moist for the seeds to germinate and get a good start. The beauty of this system is that it acts as a terrarium (or mini-greenhouse) in that moisture accumulates in the container and it self-waters. I have watered these seeds only two times since I planted them! Seriously.
Okay, I admit there is no plant-nerdier activity than starting your own seeds. (Except taking pictures of those seedlings!) It is so much fun to see the little green shoots poking up out of the soil and beginning their journey. It is also an incredibly inexpensive way to have as many plants as your garden will hold.
It’s the perfect time for you to start your seeds for spring planting. I will be adding to this crop now that I know how well this system works. And remember, it is not just veggies and herbs that you can start. Many perennials and annual flowers start easily with seed.

Happy seed starting! ~Julie
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  • Sandy Surface Sandy Surface on Mar 17, 2015
    I would like to know if anyone has started Milkweed seeds, and how long it takes to germinate. I just planted some inside in potting soil with a Saran Wrap-type cover, and also put a few inside a wet paper towel. They better grow... I was covered in fuzz retrieving those seeds!

  • Sandy Surface Sandy Surface on Mar 18, 2015
    Douglas, thank you so much for the web sites regarding milkweed and Monarchs. I'll post a picture if I get them to grow! Sandy