Sweet Potato Experiment

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I have always been curious to know whether or not it was true that tap water with all of its fluoride & chlorine would make a difference in growing my sweet potato slips.
so I did this little experiment the picture on the left is a sweet potato in which I only put rainwater and a sprinkle or two of Miracle Gro the sweet potato on the right had only tap water. Both seem to grow well enough but the potato on the left with the rain water and miracle grow produces a longer stronger slip quicker than the one with tap water.
My conclusion is that rain water and a little miracle grow works better and faster. I have gotten 24 slips off of the one potato to the left and have been able to plant my entire Walmart grobag sweet potato garden all off of this one potato!!!
its not that I will not plant slips from the tap water potato but it will take a lot longer to get slips ready to go in the ground if you use tap water. Experiment complete.
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  • Bmasecar Bmasecar on May 09, 2018

    Why didn't you put miracle grow in the tap water, seems to me the experiment was a little loaded on the rainwater side? Not that I am a fan of tap water but the science is important.

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  • L.D L.D on Jun 05, 2015
    The Miracle grow probably helped the plant on the left grow,I grow beautiful,healthy,bountiful sweet potatoes for the past two years strictly watering with tap water.

    • Pamela Scruggs Pamela Scruggs on Jun 07, 2015
      Well Okey dokey...good to know!! :) I had heard so much that sweet potato slips did not like tap water that I guess I got influenced but it's good to know that you had great success

  • Michelesimone Michelesimone on Mar 18, 2016
    I just put two sweet potatoes in mason jars with tap water!!! Wish me luck