A Computer Nook Makeover Using the Drifting Arrows Stencil

If your computer nook has you day dreaming of a space that has more personality and style then you have come to the right spot. Using stencils to add a wall pattern to a small space can have a major impact on it visually.
Today we're going to show you how paint, our Drifting Arrows Allover Stencil, and small accessories can easily transform a computer nook from blah to ooh la la. Come take a look!
We'd like to welcome back Lindsey, the clever DIYer behind the blog Better After. Lindsey had set aside a little nook in her home as a homework station for her kids. Unfortunately no one wanted to do their homework in the space. It's possible the beige on beige color combination and lack of style made this dreary space undesirable. Here is what it looked like before.
Lindsay commented, "But with a little love, I figured it could be a fun space that actually invited the kids in. " The easiest way to give a space a mini makeover is with paint, pattern, and accessories. She put together a design board that was fun yet functional.
Do you see what we see? Yup that's our Drifting Arrows Allover Stencil pattern. It's a popular geometric design that combines a herringbone and arrow pattern.
Lindsey used blue painter's tape to help hold the stencil in place and then painted the Drifting Arrow pattern in a bright white hue over the navy blue wall using a dense foam roller. After she painted one section, she would un-tape the stencil and reposition it to stencil a new section. She did this until the pattern was complete on the wall.

Once the accent wall was stenciled, Lindsey added white shelving, a silver pendant light, and an adorable alligator bookend set. Ready to see how it all turned out?
Here is a close-up of the pretty pattern along with the alligator bookend set.
Oh and here is a before and after shot of the space. We think this space turned out awesome!
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