The Joys of Construction (Adding a Home Office)

We decided to add a home office over our three car garage. Additionally, we added awnings over each garage door. I'm sorry so many of the in process photos were taken with my camera on my cell phone; that explains the poorer quality.
All finished-
We added a home office over a three car garage. The awning beam is also installed above the garage doors.
We choose a silent floor system.
This is how the garage and driveway looked for two months.
New water lines had to be installed, along with two new water heaters; therefore, the garage ceiling had to be cut.
The door leading into the new office. This was the best find, a zipper to adhere to a tarp to make a zipper door!
The family room during construction- the dust traveled throughout the house, so we kept everything covered.
The foyer during construction - Covered dining room and living room
The trim is being installed
It snowed three times during the construction (central Georgia location)
The bathroom tile is being installed
Foyer (left) Wet bar and Vanity/bath (right)
The new home office is complete. I
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