From Dumpster Dive to Upcycled Country Desk

3 Days
The company I work for is going out of business / changing hands, and they were throwing this desk in the dumpster. I asked if I could have it and they said yes, of course. SCORE!!! Who doesn't love a free desk?? So I called my husband and told him to bring his truck, and with the help of my fellow employees, it was loaded up and brought to it's new home......MY HOME :-)
Forgive the quality of the pictures~
First, we took off all the broken trim....
Then we removed the old brass hardware. My husband and I grabbed some sandpaper and went at it.
So blessed to have a crafty husband!!! We love giving life to old things :-)
2 coats of cheap primer.... (4 cans @ .96 cents a can).
2 coats of cheap flat black paint (6 cans @ .96 cents a can). Taped off the desktop and wrapped the bottom with siran wrap (we already had tape and siran wrap). 2 coats of Blue Ocean Breeze.......such a relaxing name!!!! (4 cans @ $3.48 a can)
Walmart special......LOL
After painting the desktop and drawer fronts, my husband brought me a glove and some barbed wire from the pasture and let me take out a little frustration...... I beat the fronts of the drawers about 3 times each and the desktop about 15 times.
2 coats of varnish......(Polyurethane in the clearance "dented" section @ $15.00)
we had cheap brushes from a previous remodel
On to the chair.......... Skeleton we found at Canton First Monday Trade Days, but was heavy and sturdy ($20)
We used the leftover paint from the desk. My husband measured and cut for a seat from some old pieces of 3/4" plywood that was in the barn.
Added some cabinet knobs (8pk satin nickel swirls @ $4.98) and VIOLA` ..........After 3 days (it would've taken 2, but it rained the evening of the 2nd day) and some sweat and TLC, it's revived :-) Total cost, under $65.

Can't wait for the next project.......NEW CARPET!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
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  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on May 28, 2015
    Fabulous rescue! Love the color-coordinated chair.

    • Susanne Batton Susanne Batton on May 30, 2015
      @Miriam I Thank you so much! I had a hard time deciding which parts to paint blue, but it worked out :-)

  • Hannah V Hannah V on May 29, 2015
    Youre so lucky to have a handy hubby! Love the way it turned out!

    • Susanne Batton Susanne Batton on May 29, 2015
      @Hannah V Thank you so much Hannah :-) He's really a good guy.....and always up for a challenge :-)