This Real Life Fairy Tale Cottage Is About To Inspire Your Style

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by Hometalk Highlights
Photo via House Beautiful
At first glance, we thought this charming cottage was straight out of a container fairy garden...see what we mean?
Photo via Eden Maker Garden Designs
How spot on is that? - But it turns out, this little gem is a real fairy tale getaway!

Faerie Door Cottage, this magical "holiday home," is nestled among the vibrant green hills of West Overton in Wiltshire, UK. The cottage is available to rent for couples and families seeking a quiet, country vacation.

But even if you're not planning on sneaking away for a summertime retreat, let this Old English charm inspire your style!
Photo via House Beautiful
OK, so we're not all lucky enough to enjoy a kitchen window that looks out over vast green pastures, and even (gasp!) grazing horses, but you can get the look.
Project via Larissa @Prodigal Pieces
Add DIY rustic wooden shutters to any interior window, and, for that fresh country touch, display a pitcher full of fresh flowers.
Photo via House Beautiful
Even with it's quaint exterior, this 17th century abode is outfitted with luxury modern day amenities on the inside. The key to the look? Coziness! Plush couches piled with throw pillows and baskets full of throws (even light, summery ones) are the first step to cozifying your space.
Photo via Kimberly @Quirky Cool Living
Step two? A heartwarming fireplace setup.

To see more of this cozy cottage and steal more inspiration, head over to House Beautiful. If you're interested in booking your own dreamy holiday (take us with you!), set it up through Unique Home Stays.

What inspirations will you use? Let us know what you think in the comments!
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  • Jon.murphy Jon.murphy on Jul 31, 2015
    I made one of these forest homes years ago , used nylon? carpet painted flat brown ,over scrap 4x8 pieces of stainmnless steel.. The roof is still good.. Carpet and weatherproofness will not work long term over any other surface. Except possibly Alum corrigated and heavy gauge will work for some years, if u cant find S> S. but all scrap yeards will get it for u. I did a great DOG den like this. I poured cement to form a L shape and A window (they like to see out).. Then I used S.S. for a roof and carpet,over this..Few people can identify it.. Its great on the side ofa hill.. I can give u rough plans, Its very easy to pour cement.. U dont need (outer)forms unless your dirt is extremely loose and unstable..But u must in all cases icrease the cement-powder/prue cement, by 40 to 60%,, this makes the concrete end product extremly strong . Mixer>? >You rolling 5 -8 gal drum mixes it fine, in 4 min. I used a 50 gal Plastic drum 1/4 filled, and used inside a little 2x2" stainless angle 'L' inside to promote mixing a bit better and faster..Jon. murphy @2 results are available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate.Gopostal542202@ YAHOO.COM jon (dot) murphy :at the Y site