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12 Months
Welcome to my remodel.
A Dimond in the Rough! (For Sale Ad)
This is the picture that was on the For Sale flyer. The house had good bones just need some TLC. Time was about a year, cost under $30,000 since I did most of the work myself. Most expensive 2 new roofs, new driveway, new appliances.
Some TLC and Elbow Greese
This is the same view of the house as in the picture above. I took out the two story shrubs which were replaced by landscaping that would fit the house when fully grown. I covered the front porch. All the brown trim was replaced with white trim. New Roof that coordinates with the color of the siding (Original) and new hardscaping. The house has good bones.
Welcome Home!
Hanging flowers and pots along the sidewalk completes the clean-up
Winter Wonderland
The cottage came with the house. I added shutters and flower boxes to spruce the place up until I could get to working on the cottage.
Little Me!
The cottage was resided to match the front and the roof was replaced also coordinate with the siding and the front house. Taking the old aluminum siding to the port helped to offset the cost of the work. If you are having someone side your house for you do not let them charge you for hauling the aluminum away. I got about $250 for this little cottage.
Tradditional inside
Very little was done to the inside. Wallpaper was taken down and the living room was painted a light color.
Keep it Simple.
As we merged two household into one we updated light fixtures to update the home but then used traditional furniture for a New England , Cape Style home.
Open Concept
The kitchen was dark cabinets with white appliances. We replaced the appliances with black ones. We replaced the counter with in stock ones from the Home Depot and then picked paint colors based on the colors in the counter. Simple and inexpensive.
A different view.
Light fixtures were replaced to match the ones in the adjoining dining room.
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  • Marilyn Brown Marilyn Brown on May 06, 2014
    The second door on the right side of the house, was it original. In the one I know so well the first door would have been the basement entrance if a basement had been included. The stairs going up are right over where the ones going down would have been if my great uncle had included a basement. I was born there shortly after the house was completed. The house has belonged to some member of mother's family since it was built.

  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on Aug 03, 2014
    Beautiful job!!