Painting My Kitchen Counter Tops to Look Like Granite!

Elizabeth Fencl
by Elizabeth Fencl

In my previous post, I mentioned that our cottage is a manufactured home. Eventually some extensive remodeling may take place, but in the meantime, I painted the kitchen cabinets and a couple weeks ago I started on the counter tops. I wanted the counters to look like granite and being a DIY gal, I took the plunge.

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I started by cleaning the counters with vinegar and water then sanded them. Wiping up all the dust, I taped off everything. Using small foam rollers, I primed the counters. I needed primer for a project at my son's house, so when I went to the hardware store to get it, I had the man pour some in a little can and tint it as dark as he could. With white primer and numerous attempts he could only get the primer to be a dark gray.

I was so excited to just get the primer on (it looked a little like a concrete counter top). My husband said I should just leave it at that point. Did I mention he was a little nervous about this project?

Trust me, I did some serious research on doing this project. In the back of my mind was that if they don't turn out we will have some spend some money and replace them. With all my research I found this site

If you are going to try this technique, I highly recommend watching the video.

After watching the video, I decided I wanted black as my base coat. This was painted over the primer and once this was dry (which was really quick), I started the fun part. Sponging on the paint...

I just used craft paints and followed the steps in the video. Using natural sponges (one for each color), I started with Brown followed by Metalic Gold then White. I sprinkled fine glitter over the damp White paint for that sparkle you see in real granite.

Here is a close up of one spot.. I wish you could see the glitter because it is so pretty.

When the counter top is dry (24 hours later), I applied five coats of Miniwax Polycrylic Gloss as my sealer. With this being our cottage, we were lucky that we could go home and leave it dry for five days. Depending on the temperature, I don't think you would need to leave it dry that long but in our case, we had other obligations so we were able to do this.

Before Picture
After Picture

The cottage did not come with a dish washer and I was determined to get one in here some how. At some point, these cabinets may be pulled and replaced so I told my husband to cut that darn door down, I didn't care, and guess what, I am okay with it.

Before Picture

Giving a kitchen a new look is a huge project, I won't lie. I work full time during the school year and I started the cabinets in mid April and finished at the end of May. I just did the counter tops 2 weeks ago. It was a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. The best part, is hearing my husband tell people how awesome the counter tops turned out....score!

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  • Yvonne Yvonne on Sep 17, 2018

    YES! but what color glitter did you use? It all looks great...beautiful!

  • Brenda Lancaster Brenda Lancaster on Oct 18, 2018

    Is it food save to paint counter tops in the kitchen and is there food safe paint?

  • Margie Hood Margie Hood on Aug 02, 2019 looks gong white in my home too..ive had ship lap in my home and the neat old farm doors with the long hinges with the arrows way before it was a thing so I got lucky there ...its all been left natural wood for over 20 yrs now..I want to Brighten it up..what do you think..some people say no but I need an outsiders opinion maybe...i so love the fresh clean look you have.

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  • Sheryll S Sheryll S on Jul 28, 2019

    You did a fabulous job! I have yet to do countertops but hope to. I have painted a bunch of kitchen cabinets and the key is cleaning/prepping properly. I'm sure you agree.

  • Marsha Scott Marsha Scott on Feb 07, 2020

    Wow!! Absolutely stunning!!!! You did such a wonderful job!!! I was looking for inspiration because we can't afford the marble counter tops I want but the house we bought has counter tops that have been burnt by cigarettes, has been used for a cutting board regularly, and suffered every other type of abuse you can possibly imagine. You have done a great job of doing a great fake granite. If I can get this done and keep my husband from cutting food on it after it's done I may have a shot! Thanks for the great idea!!