A New Twist to the Mahogany Set I Restored.

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I featured this set on another post . I guess I loved it too much when I finished it decided to use it myself.
This is the set I refinished and showed in another post. My plan was to try and sell it . My plans don't always go the way I want them to.

I have this dream fairy that sends me ideas when I'm sleeping. My husband is always nervous when he sees me with my tape measure eyeballing furniture in the house. But he is my biggest enabler.
I got the idea on another persons post about cutting a table in half and making 2 side tables. I had already decided to use the set my in my kitchen.
I removed the sliding mechanism before he got home so there was no turning back by then
We had to cut the base in half too. The tops are connected to wall with L- brackets and a for a little more stability when using the drop leaf we shot 2 finishing nails thru the feet into the floor. Easy to patch if we decide to move them later.
This is what I did with the buffet . Turned it into a center island
added the spice rack to one end
The back side I painted with left over cabinet paint . Then hung my measuring stuff and my baskets for more storage.
This angle shows the little cooking cart for my Wok .
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