How to Get the Perfect Smooth Distressed Finish

I get messages all the time from customers that want a heavy chippy/distressed look on their pieces and have tried different brands and types of paint with no luck for one reason or another. Some have even tried Milk Paint with less than desirable results. (Don't feel bad, I'm a milk paint flunky too) Luckily they didn't let their bad experiences with other brands stop them from trying again. So don't worry we can get a fabulous chippy finish with Shabby Paints using some very inexpensive tools.
What you will need: A few foam sanding blocks in medium and fine grit, a water bottle and some elbow grease.
Awesome tip: Wet sanding your entire piece after painting will give you a smooth glass like finish. I use a wet fine grit sanding block and lightly go over the entire piece for a sleek finish. This can also be done after VAX or Shabby Varnish for a shinier finish.
Getting Chippy- After you have painted your piece and given it plenty of time to dry, wet your sanding block and spray a small section of your piece with water. Start out using a light hand and remember while your piece is wet the paint is weaker than usual, as soon as it dries it will be back to normal. You will need to play with the amount of pressure that works for you. Use a wet rag to wipe away the pigments as you sand so you can see how much paint you have removed. You are in control of where you want it to be distressed, usually those places are heavy use areas like corners, edges, around knobs or pulls, but this is about you so do what makes you Chippin' Happy!!
Another Awesome tip: Use an old nail brush and water to clean your sanding blocks before the paint dries. They will last longer.
How to get the Perfect Smooth Distressed Finish
How to get the Perfect Smooth Distressed Finish
How to get the Perfect Smooth Distressed Finish
Tip: Clean your sanding blocks with an old nail brush before the paint has time to dry.
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