Class & Character for an Open Storage Room: Layering Textures!

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New Years Resolution? Every Year I pick a FOUL JOB & try to make things better. The worst has to be painting a room that has ALL THE JUNK in it: Storage areas. Our laundry-pantry room has not been painted since the house was built in 1994. So it is contractor's white, with all the dings & dirt that 23 years of use can provide.
All you smart home-fixers & artist-types know that White is a Good Color IF you want objects to STAND OUT against it...
IF you want a room to appear LARGER and Brighter...
IF you need the space to appear CLEAN & Uncluttered.
That is exactly what an Open Storage Room is NOT!
We can appreciate the walk-through, stash-it-all benefits of open storage.
I enjoy using my laundry room for multi-tasking, like being able to fix stuff on the spot, too.
This room is also a pass-through to outdoor decks, and should look neat & cozy, somewhat inviting. AND reflect the country character we got going through the rest of the main house.
That's a lot to ask, but we think we're getting closer to it.
Want to see?
CAN THIS ROOM BE SAVED? Arrrrghghgghgh!
The first thing I did was to pull out everything that needed to be sorted and moved to other rooms, tossed into the garbage or given away....
After de-cluttering, I introduced a Strong Neutral Gray paint that I had been experimenting with last year.
See post:
* Gray-wash over swinging doors.
* Lighter watered-down fake wood technique over walls behind the shelves.
I use a matte gray to contrast the satin finish already on the walls to produce a more interesting texture.
* Spray painted a hammered bronze over exposed shelf brackets.
* Unstained particle shelves got a coat of oak stain with sealer.
* Shelves that had already been stained, got wiped down with a scouring pad followed by a quick coat of stain.
Looking sharp! The contrast of grey helps to neutralize orange tones and provides a darker textured backdrop for clutter.
MY INSPIRATION & Learning Experience: I have used texture & color to marvelous effect on our stairway collector's space a few years ago.
In this space, you see, I sponged a red leather-like effect behind hand-made, repurposed, narrow CD shelving that I packed with memorabilia from the World's Greatest Ball Game -- & more...
Used to be contractor's white behind those shelves. So much richer with color & texture!
* Outside of swinging doors also got the gray-wash treatment.
* Door walls roller-painted in solid gray.
Barn door effect on knotty pine, also used on trim. Brushed over pine, which had been pre-treated with whitewash on door. Previous application of solid white paint on trim. Sealed with dead flat wax varnish.
Putting it all together: a mix of baskets & wine crates, mix of fun.
* I put old plate-glass shelves over top of shelves that were brutalized by laundry products etc.
After one side of the room was finished, I could go onto laundry side.
PRACTICAL TIP! For that messy area where you need to access pipes & outlets -- 1.
* 2. Make just enough space for a laundry basket with a thick lip.
* 3. Put a cutting board over it that you can also use for quick fix projects & sorting laundry. Easily lifts up for access to laundry in basket.
* 4. Place one more item - plastic container -- in front of the trap box. Good place for my dryer sheets.
Here's how neat it looks now.
Add a touch of whimsy with practicality -- Neatly tucked away
1. Yes, that is a genuine Hometalk cap
2. Yes, that hat is topping off a plastic wrapped weed-whacker
3. Oversized nails are great for holding all your mops, brooms and --
4. DUFFLE BAGS (with long strings)-- for related accessories, like vacuum parts +
5. Even the weed-whacker battery charger & battery can be strung on a rope & dangled out-of-site for the season...
So that the floor is clear for sweeping & mopping
Light fixture has a stained-glass film over the plexiglas. They say it is NOT recommended, but this has held up for over 5 years -- in both this room & in the kitchen. I chose to paint the trim-moulding, including the metal trim, in my fake wood effect. Makes it look more finished and ties in with other effects in the room.
The view toward the hall. I'll try to keep half of the room less cluttered & open. Took down shelves over the washer & dryer for a large painting I did of the pond in our backyard.
See posts on those efforts too :)
Neater by far. Interesting textures. I will continue to detail and replace things that stand out (like container on floor near door).

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