The Exorcism of My Amityville Horror Fireplace

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Back as discussed in my previous posts, I purchased an older home that needed a facelift in some areas.
Still have very limited tools and funds...ugh. TBH, due to the local weather I never use the fireplace so it's even more annoying to have something that is so outdated.

Here is my temporary solution to one of the items that needed an update. The bar room had a large fireplace with weird vents, an outlet in between the vents, and overspray when the previous owners painted the room.
I tried all kinds of things to make it look better...removing the overspray was time consuming and didn't work well...whitewashing didn't look great and I still had vents and an outlet staring at me...demo'ing was messy and also time consuming.
So I decided to cover it up. I covered the hearth with thin layers of concrete...see my previous projects for instructions on concrete overlays.
Starting with some plywood, two 2x4 studs, and hardcore masonry screws. I plugged in an extension cord, and left a large opening in the plywood. I forgot to take a pic of the large opening...but anyways!
Next, I applied shiplap to the plywood. Home Depot has a case of boards for only $25. They are in a white tone so I added some minwax gray stain.

What was up with the extension cord...ohhh yeah I picked up this electric fireplace that I was able to mount directly on to the shiplap and plywood.
I did build the floating mantle...but I'm not happy with the size. I am in the process of building another one and will post an updated photo when I'm finished. I have learned that miter cuts are not something that I excel the longer I went the shorter the mantle got.

Hope this inspires you to get dirty...take a risk...and find a solution!
Not bad for $147!

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  • Concrete and stain
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  • Wyldecent Wyldecent on Apr 10, 2018

    The fireplace looks great! I'm curious about the floor. Did you paint the tiles or you have accent tiles inserted at intervals instead?

  • Karen lukacovic Karen lukacovic on Apr 10, 2018

    You say Home Depot has these planks for $25 but when I click on materials it says $69 plus 20 for shipping ? Where can I get the planks for $25

  • Kim Nyitrai Kim Nyitrai on Apr 17, 2018

    Just curious did you remove the electrical plug I believe it's a fire hazard to just cover over it?


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