We Removed a Half Wall and Added a 3 Sided Fireplace

Denise McLeod
by Denise McLeod
How we finished our 3 sided fireplace and changed our living space dramatically.
The half wall....we removed it. Note it was located half into the dining area.
We built a base for the unit to be installed onto. This is how the fireplace looks when it is installed. Note: we moved it fully into the living room area to allow for more space in the dining area. This actually worked out perfectly to allow for the exhaust pipe that goes out through the wall.
First we framed in the fireplace carefully using the stay off features to ensure the drywall would not be impacted when the fireplace was running. Then we installed drywall, mud and tape. It was primed and painted to match the existing paint.
Lots and lots of research went into how we decided to finish the trim around the fireplace. There were so many factors to consider. All wood is actually birch that we custom cut to fit (at the building centre) and stained.
Stained to match the floor. As you can see we used 2 different colours to achieve the look we wanted.
This is the finished product. We love this look and it adds a great focal point to the room; lets in more light from the windows and doors and accommodates the new dining room set much better!!!!
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