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Hey Everyone! It's Kelsey and I am very excited to show you a DIY project that I did for my home. Sometimes the items you can find at an antique market can be upcycled into the most stunning furniture designs. Always keep your eye out and let the items inspire you for your next project.

I found a vintage suitcase at my local antique market and thought it would be perfect to convert to a table. It was fun, simple, and came out great.
Here are the materials you will need for this project - a vintage suitcase, table legs which you can find at your local hardware store, a tape measure, interior paint, a drill, paintbrush, and some plywood to keep the table nice and sturdy. They can all be seen in the video below. 
We will first prep the table legs and then continue with the second part of this DIY which is to secure them to the suitcase.Start by screwing the top plates to the table legs and then paint them. This will make it easier to paint them as they will be standing upright.
I applied a total of four coats on each table leg. See the specifics in the video below. 
Next, I took a slat of 1/2 inch wood and cut it to size to fit inside the suitcase to stabilize it. 
Place the top plates on the four corners of the suitcase where the legs will be secured. Trace the holes to mark the places to drill.
Drill each spot on all four corners. This will make screwing the plates to the suitcase significantly easier. 
Now, screw the plates to the suitcase in their corresponding places where the holes were traced and drilled. 
The last step is to screw the legs into the vintage suitcase and stand it up. And voila you now have a unique piece of furniture for your home!

Suggested materials:

  • Vintage Suitcase
  • Table Legs

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