2 Hours
I wanted an ottoman but it was really expensive. So I decided to make my own one. 90 % of materials used are recycled.

1 -16" round foam

2- 16" recycled cardboard core rings

1 yard of 1" foam

1- 16" round wood


Glue for wood

Upholstery fabric

3M spray on glue
Glue the two cores together with any kind of glue. I used the wood glue in order to economize materials. These cores are recycled materials
Also glue the 16" round cardboard to the rings and the 16" wood to the cardboard. Wait a while until is completly dried.
Spray some 3M glue on the 16" foam and then place it on top of second 16" round cardboard. Cover it with the upholstery fabric and staple the fabric onto the cardboard.

I had a bit of trouble here because it's my first time but once you practice, it will be easier.
Spray glue on the dried cores and also spray on the foam and place the foam around it
Spray glue on the upholstery fabric and place it around the cores and staple it underneath the wood. The black cloth will help you cover all the imperfections during your stapling.
You can leave it flat or you can place four 1" swivel glides on each side or as high as you want it to look. This is optional
It will look like this with the 1"swivel glide. I really wanted it to have a 2" swivel but I didn't find so I decided to use the 1" one. These are not expensive. Not more than $2.50 a pack of four.
Here it is!!! My first OTTOMAN
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jul 01, 2015
    How cow! This is your first attempt at an ottoman? Looks like you could've easily bought it from a decor store. Bravo! :)

  • Carmen Carmen on Jul 01, 2015
    Thanks Hannah, yes this is my first attempt. I saw it in a decor store and said to myself.."girl you can do this"! I Saved almost $59.00