Stencil a Boho Chic Table Using A Mandala Pattern

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Are you looking to add some boho chic style to your home? It may be easier than you think using our pretty stencil patterns and an old piece of furniture. Yup, it's that simple. Give that old piece of furniture a stylish bohemian look using a pattern like our Prosperity Mandala Stencil. Today we're sharing a stenciled coffee table makeover using this popular Mandala design. Come be inspired...
We'd like to introduce Paula and Cindi, the talented ladies behind Sweet Spitunias.  This creative duo not only refurbishes furniture but they are also a distributor of Unicorn SPiT gel stain and glaze, a vibrantly colored wood stain.  The creative duo loves to give old furniture a fresh new vibrant look so when they spotted this wooden coffee table they took on the challenge. 
The first thing Paula and Cindi did was clean the table to prep it for painting. They needed to get rid of the dirt and grime so the paint could adhere better. Then they gave it two coats of Unicorn Spit in navajo jewel combined with Pixie Dust Chalk additive.
To give this castaway a little more character, Paula and Cindi decided stenciling was the way to go.  They had already browsed our large collection of Mandala Stencils and had fallen in love with our Prosperity Mandala Stencil.  This pretty pattern  represents opulence, luxury, and a good life. It is sure to make a statement on any piece of furniture!
With their Prosperity Mandala pattern in hand, Paula and Cindi were ready for the fun part.  They placed the stencil on top of the teal painted table and used blue painter's tape to hold it in place.  Then they used a dense foam roller to paint the Mandala pattern.
If you are recreating the project at home, be sure to roll off excess paint. Too much paint on your dense foam roller will cause the design to bleed.  Once it is all painted, simply lift the stencil to reveal Mandala design.  To complete this little table makeover, the creative duo distressed the edges with Pixie Dust Pearl wax.
Are you ready to see how their coffee table makeover turned out? Here is Paula and Cindi's boho chic table.
They had this to say about her stencil project, "Finished this cute little table with my favorite Boho theme."  We absolutely love this project!
Suggested materials:
  • Prosperity Mandala Stencil   (Cutting Edge Stencils)
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  • Old Lady Medic Old Lady Medic on Jan 04, 2020

    Where did you get unicorn spit? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it! Craft stores say it’s not

    popular any more.

  • Sydney Sydney on May 15, 2020

    What color did you paint the stencil with?

  • Sydney Sydney on May 15, 2020

    Also, is there no need to prime the furniture first and paint it white? I’m working with a black table and I’m Afraid the black will show through

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  • Cat Cat on Jun 27, 2017

    wow i really like the look of this - thanks for the idea !

  • April Rose-Sharp April Rose-Sharp on Jul 23, 2019

    It's beautiful, love the colors. The Mandala has always been a favorite of mine. I like to go on the bright side of the color wheel. Mostly because my house tends to be darker living out in a populous forest area.