The Easiest Hassock Ever

We have moved several times and have done lots of building and carrying of heavy things over 28 years we have gained some of these crates. Today I was just tired of looking at it, and thought I would try something new. A nice save to an object that has just been sitting around in the new house.
How to make a crate more cozy
Get some material, scraps are fine, you only need about 1/2 yard. Also, upholstery, industrial stapler and a pillow, Alternatives can also be foam or batting.
The little Hassock
Place your pillow or foam in the middle. It should be larger than the crate. Like all upholstering, work your way from the middle of each side to make the material taught, and tack down when all is tight. Tack the sides below the pillow, you can add a band of color if you like or leave it as is. Easy project and nicer to look at than a crate.
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