Children's Height Chart

3 Hours
Last year I was wondering what to give my Nephew for Christmas, when I saw just the thing, a YouTube Woodworker was making wooden height charts. In my day it was just a mark on the kitchen door frame, so I thought this was a good idea.
There was more work involved for me, because where in many places they use feet and inches, here in Colombia it is metric, so I had to work in centimetres.

I also made the decision that, although there was no way it would still be in use when he reached 2m, if he ever did, that the board, looked stupid any shorter.
I used a 1"x10" plank of pine, the first job, was to mark all the measuring lines. I started off at 10cm, this was so the board could be attached to a wall, 10cm above floor level, so that it cleared the skirting board.
every 10cm the line was extended out to look more like a ruler.
Once this was done it was time to get my pyrography kit out, and burn the lines.
To attach all the numbers and his name, I printed them off in mirror image, using a laser printer, it won't work with an inkjet. Then using our clothes iron, I ironed the number and name onto the board, using the tip of the iron on maximum heat, and applying pressure. Once done, these were again burned into the wood.

After a light sanding, the board was varnished, and presented for Christmas.

This is an easy project, but a back breaker! If you don't have a pyrography kit, or soldering iron, you could use a marker or paint for the lines.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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