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When the plan to hang pendant lights fell through we searched for a pot rack to no avail. Nothing worked, none of the ones in the store were the right size, color, shape or price. I suppose when you are a DIY'er if the most passionate sort, nothing but what you picture in your mind will work. So my DH made me one - not only did it fit the bill, but it surpassed my expectations (see pic below).
It is a good thing when your project derails and you end up with something you like even better than you imagined. DIY isn't just about saving money. The best part is getting something that fits just right and is different than what you normally see in other people's homes.
The picture below shows the only rack that even came close to what I wanted. Ugh. No way.
The ones in the store would not allow me to pop something up there when the lights didn't work out, even though my DH was kind enough to offer to help me find one (long story about the pendent lights on the blog if you're interested). It was a disaster! The rack was too low, didn't work with the light receptacle...and all the others were the same. Does everyone but me have high ceilings in their kitchen?
To DIY a pot rack meant my DH had to find a way to enter my mind's eye and create just the right rack to fit over my island. It had to sit high enough that I would be able to see my guests as we worked on the meal but low enough that I could reach the pots and be able to unhook them.
We stared by looking for the metal rack part that would hold the hooks for the pots and pans. We found them in the closet materials section.
He made a frame to hold the closet racks, and I spray painted the wood frame. We hung it with turnbuckles (I don't like chains), with hooks and eyes, and decorated the corners with angle clips to add to the industrial look.
It's a good thing when your DIY project turns out to be easy! I'm all about easy. Cheap helps too.
We found just the right light kit at Lowes - the lights give off a great amount of light which is perfect for over the island.
I didn't want to pay the long price for the typical hooks, so I used S hooks and cut curtain rings. If you get creative you can end up with a one-of-a-kind piece of decor and it will fit your needs (and wants).
Since several of my daughters cook in my kitchen quite often, it will be so convenient to have everything within reach. How do you handle your pans?
To hang pots and pans keeps them from being stacked, leading to scratches. Plus, they are pretty, so why not put them out?
To be able to walk into a room and smile because you are so pleased with how it looks and functions is priceless. Plus it doesn't hurt when someone else admires your project too. :)
To see more pictures and details on the project - and read the story of the failed pendant light plan, visit Love My DIY Home at the address below:

Suggested materials:

  • Painters Touch Spray Paint   (Walmart)
  • Closet Racks   (Menards)

Val Frania {Love My DIY Home}
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  • Anita Anita on Dec 09, 2020

    We live in a mobile home, so no high ceilings here. I love the idea, but our kitchen is so small, I don't think we could do it. But I am inspired to find a more decorative way of hanging them over the sink where they are now. With how my kitchen is set up, they're fine there. However, I have a lot of pans. So the sauce pans are hung over the sink, and the frying pans are hung on the only wall long enough for it. It's an open floor plan. Possibly, once my DH and sons have built my dividing counter between the kitchen and living room we could use the ceiling space there for hanging things.

    He built a new counter top for me a couple weeks ago. :) What a difference it makes in the kitchen!

    Love your project! And to echo an earlier Q, how do you change your bulbs with that arrangement?

  • Diane Diane on Dec 09, 2020

    How did you attach the wire to the wood?

  • Carol Brown Carol Brown on Dec 15, 2020

    Love you rack ( ), but I was wondering, don't your pots and pans get dirty faster, what with cooking and flying dust?


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  • Susan Grekso Susan Grekso on Dec 15, 2020

    Beautiful and functional

  • Cinzia Farley Cinzia Farley on Dec 15, 2020

    I live in an old trailer that's been built on to so I have low ceilings. I have a pot rack I had made for me the same time I had a large kitchen island made with granite top and shelves. My problem is finding a way to hang it. The size doesn't work for the studs, supports or whatever they're called in the ceiling. They don't line up. The shower hooks solved another problem I had. I like the substitute you used instead of chains. If I can figure out how to hang it I'll use your ideas on what to hang it with.