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I think I have a problem with tissue paper. I cannot toss it.

Even if it is crinkled with torn edges. Even if the glittered tissue has lost its sparkle.

Not even when I can buy fresh sheets at the dollar store.

Naturally, I blame my parents who are second-generation repurpose enthusiasts.

Please note the snarcasm in that sentence! My parents read my blog every weekend.

If you follow me on The Weekend Edit newsletter you know I love to repurpose stuff.

It was a game-changer when I learned how to paint thi s.

So with Christmas tucked away for the next nine months I needed to wrap up the paper stashed in gift bags and in a dresser drawer in the basement.



I had an assortment of cardboard magazine organizers like these. What I loved is depending on how I stored these from the front (or back depending on your perspective) it looks like a row of magazine storage containers.

It’s only when you turn the box around can you see the tissue paper.

I folded the tissue paper into each bin. In my retirement, I might organize the tissue by color or holiday, but for now, I was thrilled to get the paper off the floor and onto a shelf.


Speaking of shelves, the magazine cardboard organizers can easily be stored in a :

  • closet
  • laundry room
  • on top of an upper cabinet
  • shelf

And the best part is the tissue paper is hiding in plain sight. It’s just waiting for the next birthday, holiday, or just because gift.

And all those bows! You can’t separate the bows from the tissue. That would be like storing salt away from the pepper.

I had an extra magazine holder and tossed my assortment of new and used bows.


Unlike gift boxes, magazine storage boxes sit upright.

If I stacked my tissue paper I would never get past the top box before I ran to the store to grab fresh sheets.

The magazine storage boxes are the easiest organizing project with a huge sense of accomplishment too. When I originally bought my magazine holders I spent too much money on similar boxes at the Container Store with printed patterns. Now? I bought neutral (I do love the clean look of these magazine holders).

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  • Dee Dee on Jan 10, 2022

    Never thought of magazine holders, they take up much less space than the boxes that I store that stuff in. Thanks and my Dollar store carries them.

  • Pamela Pamela on Jan 15, 2022

    Wat a great idea! I've struggled with storing my tissue paper for years!