5 Statement Projects to Help Your House Stand Out (in a Good Way)

When you drive down the streets of your neighborhood, does every house on every corner look basically the same? When you invite someone over to your house, is the only distinctive mark that sets your home apart your vehicle parked out front? When you live in a neighborhood where many of the homes look similar, it can be tough to give your dwelling a distinct personality that matches your style and preferences. If you want to be the rebel of the street and help your home stand out (in a good way), here are five projects you can do to make your home stand out in the sea of sameness.
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Carriage House Garage Doors

One element of your home’s exterior that can set you apart is the garage doors. While an outdated vinyl garage door can look boring and bland, carriage house style doors can really add some class to the look of your home. Not only will your home stand apart from others, but new garage doors will help improve how the house looks from the street.
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Plant a Tree in the Front Yard

Some trees just look like trees, others breathe life into the yard where they stand. For a jaw-dropping front yard, consider a weeping cherry tree, a purple wisteria tree, or a forsythia hedge. The striking pop of color will astound your visitors and your neighbors, and you will be known as, “the house with the beautiful _____ tree in the front yard.”
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Add Shutters or Paint Existing Ones

Shutters really make your windows pop. If you don't already have shutters, installing them will significantly change the look of your home. If you already have shutters, painting them a new, bold color will kick up the curb appeal and make your house look amazing. Coordinate the color of your shutters with the hues you choose for the front door and trim, in order to bring the look together.
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Bold Front Door

An easy, quick update is a bold new front door. It doesn't have to be a brand new door, just add a fresh coat of your favorite color. A bright red, teal, or yellow front door will ensure that guests will have no trouble finding you. The best thing about changing the front door color is that you can swap it out for a new coat of paint when you get sick of the original color.
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Statement Roofing

While roofing is a huge project, when it is time to replace your roof, you can use the opportunity to truly set your home apart. Some unique options for roofing include glass tile for solar heating, antique terra cotta tiles, and many others. The professionals of Karbella Construction who specialize in slate roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio suggest that you use unexpected sizes and colors of shingles to help your roof stand out from the street. Whatever you choose, finding something that doesn't match every other house is key.
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Consider these options for making your home one-of-a-kind. A home that reflects your own personality and taste is a home that you will be happy to come home to every day. The days of blending into the backdrop of all the other homes in your neighborhood are long gone.
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