Using Artificial Grass for Your Rooftop Deck or Patio Area

With many homeowners eagerlymaking the switch from real grass to synthetic turf and the overall increase inartificial lawn installations throughout the US in recent years, a large numberof backyards have been transformed into lush, green and fertile areas thatrequire little maintenance. Just think of the amount of time and backbreaking effortyou could save if you didn't have to water the grass every week or mow the lawnwhen it starts to look wild and unruly. No more watering! No more mowing! Imitationturf looks and feels like the genuine article and, since it does not yellow orbecome thin over time, there is no need to carry out the tiresome chore of reseedingeither.

Faux grass is alsoenvironmentally friendly, which means that you don't have to use any expensiveinsecticides, pesticides or weed killers to keep it from looking unruly.Furthermore, seeing as you don't have to water manmade turf products, it alsomeans that you will be able to enjoy a reduction in your utility bills too.

Where can synthetic turf be installed?

Artificial lawn products canbe utilized in many different ways, such as in the following public areas:

· Children'splaygrounds
· College playingfields
· Community parks andlandscaping
· Communalrelaxation hubs (for businesses and residential areas)
· Golf puttinggreens
· Street walkways

When it comes to residential applications,one of the many other benefits of an artificial lawn is that it can beinstalled in smaller locations so that those who live in apartment complexescan have a little grassy area of their very own. Or if you share a communalarea with other roommates and want to expand your casual living space by creatingan additional spot for personal relaxation, having your own rooftop garden maybe an unusual choice, but doesn't that make it all the better? Dog lovers alsoprefer utilizing imitation grass if they are in the market for their ownbackyard pet run area.

Synthetic lawn applicationscan be used in the following ways:

· Driveways
· Rooftop balconies
· Pool areas
· Pet runs
· Outdoor barbecue and/orkitchen areas
· Children's playareas
· Porches
· Backyard Decks
· Patio terraces

Sometimes referred to as a"Fake Grass Patio," an artificial turf installation is able toconvert a wasted, vacant spot into a relaxing outdoor living area if you cravethe feeling of grass in-between your toes but do not have a garden to call yourown. Many golf enthusiasts choose a non-natural lawn backyard putting green sothat they have a chance to improve their golf skills in secret without their adversarieswatching! Mock landscaping turf offers a cost-effective option for those whoyearn for the soft and comforting texture and consistency of grass, even if theydo not have a front garden or backyard retreat to take advantage of.

Rooftop gardens, balconies,patio terraces and decks can help create a larger and more practical livingspace for you and your family if you cannot afford to live in a domicile thatpossesses a full yard. Synthetic turf has been manufactured to guarantee a safeoutdoor recreational area for everyone, including children and pets.
SYNLawn are proud toprovide stunning synthetic turf installation services to those living in Missouri,Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Please visit us online at SYNLawn Kansas City or call816-886-2747 for a free estimate or if you would like free samples of ourartificial grass products.
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