How to Make an Umbrella Planter: A Versatile Outdoor Table Centerpiece

Do you love spending time outdoors but wish your table was more organized and functional?

Creating an umbrella planter centerpiece can change that!

This DIY project is not only easy but also incredibly practical. From keeping drinks cold to organizing essentials, or even adding a touch of greenery, an umbrella planter is a game-changer for your outdoor setup.

Follow along as I guide you through the process of making your own versatile centerpiece.

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Learn how to make an umbrella planter for your outdoor table

Steps to Create an Umbrella Planter

1. Choosing the Right Planter and Saucer

Grab a large planter and saucer to create a versatile centerpiece for your outdoor table.

You'll have the most flexibility if you choose a planter that is wide and low.

Versatile outdoor table planter

2. Drilling Holes in the Planter and Saucer

Start by drilling holes in the center of both the planter and the saucer.

Drill 2-inch holes in the center of the planter and saucer to fit the outdoor umbrella

A 2-inch drill bit will create a hole that is the perfect size for most standard outdoor umbrellas.

Choose a wide, low planter and matching saucer

How to Use The Umbrella Planter

Umbrella hole ideas

1. Using the Planter for Storage

To use the planter for storage, place the planter over the opening on the table and slide the umbrella pole through the holes.

DIY outdoor table storage

Fill the planter with your outdoor essentials.

Plastic planter storage ideas

The saucer now serves as a lid.

Fill the planter with ice

2. Creating an Ice Bucket Planter

The planter can also serve as a handy ice bucket.

Use the planter alone and fill it with ice. This keeps drinks cold and easily accessible.

Guide to create a planter centerpiece that's perfect for outdoor entertaining

The gap between the hole in the planter and the umbrella allows the ice to drain neatly as it melts.

Other uses for plastic planters and saucers

3. Making a Lazy Susan Planter

You can also use the planter and lid to create an easy Lazy Susan.

Outdoor lazy soon from planter and saucer

Place the saucer right side up on top of the planter.

Easy entertaining with an outdoor Lazy Susan

The sides of the saucer are the perfect height to securely contain condiments, napkins, coasters, and cutlery.

Patio table outdoor centerpiece ideas

4. Using the Planter as a Traditional Planter

And of course, you can use the planter as a traditional planter.

Creative uses for the umbrella planter

Place the saucer underneath the planter

DIY planter projects

Insert your umbrella.

Easy outdoor table decor

No need to fill the planter with dirt; simply place the pots directly inside, creating a colorful addition to your outdoor table.

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Planter with umbrella hole

Multi-Use Umbrella Planter Centerpiece

This versatile piece is sure to become an essential part of your outdoor setup.

Whether you’re using it to keep drinks cold, store summer essentials, or display beautiful plants, it’s a fantastic addition to your table.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and any creative ideas you have in the comments below

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