Repurposed Laundry Tub to Potting Table/fish Cleaning Table

by Julie
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We remodeled our laundry room & just couldn't throw out a perfectly good laundry tub. After a few years in storage I came up with a plan to make a potting stand using the laundry tub & other materials we had laying around in our over filled storage, (kitchen counter top from a kitchen remodel) that I wouldn't let my husband get rid of. So the project started off without a plan, like most of my projects. I needed to make a frame of some sort for the laundry tub but also wanted a counter to be able to pot plants. So we took the countertop section where our old kitchen sink had been cut out & the laundry tub fit in the opening perfect. So now I needed a frame to hold all of this. This was a very cheap project. I used materials I had saved from other projects. It's nothing fancy but it sure works good for potting plants. I love to repurpose things so a couple less items in the landfill.
Finished project
I built a frame out of 2" x 4" studs to set the counter top & laundry tub into. I had removed the legs from the tub. They were the little cheap triangle snap together type. Then I cut a piece of particle board scrap for a bottom shelf for pots, potting soil & also added stability.

Sorry I don't have a real plan for building this. Things just seem to come together as I go.
Bottom Framework
.A better picture of the bottom frame work. I added casters but they were too small so ended up & added some 2" x 4" scraps to the legs to use larger casters. (Needed more wood to attach casters). It was pretty hard to roll with the baby casters. I like to use it near the edge of the yard close to the hose. Any dirt can be washed off the driveway & also the top & tub.
The tub was still very useful & has a few paint stains from the many paint brushes that had been cleaned in it for 20+ years.
Bottom drain
I did buy a cap to close off drain when using it. I can then remove the cap for washing off top & sink when finished with potting plants or if we decide to use for a fish cleaning table. So far it has only been used for potting plants. Fishing hasn't been so good.
I purchased some large screw hooks & S hooks & added to the end to hang some of my garden tools.
Suggested materials:
  • 2" x 4" lumber (scraps)   (Storage)
  • Used Laundry tub   (Storage/laundry room)
  • Counter Top   (Storage)
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