Backyard Fix Up - Messy Corners

Sherry Thornburg
by Sherry Thornburg
This corner outside our bedroom used to be dominated by an oak tree. It died two years ago and was cut down. Last summer I set up patio furniture and a raised bed for plumbego with a lattice blind to either side to hide the shed and stuff under the deck. Later I blocked off the area with a block raised bed which would one day be planted with flowers. I then added a fountain on blocks to level it and a homemade bird platform feeder. This summer my sweet husband and brother-in-law got together and fixed up my patio corner for my birthday. The small patio was extended out to allow more room for seating and a walkway was built with a fountain foundation. We used builders bricks in a herringbone pattern and ideas from google searches.
The original stage one picture the year I added the furniture and plumbego bed.
Original fountain position with a block raised bed of allysium to divide the planned garden area from the shed walk.
The edging set the boundries, then he laid a foundation of crushed rock for the bricks. The herringbone pattern was easy until with got to the circular area. It doesn't twist, it shifts over.
Waiting for the paver saw. There were lots of holes to fill with cut pieces.
Brushing in the paver sand. Using builders bricks required a lot of sand as it filled in the voids.
Finished fountain foundation with a pipe-in for the electrical cord.
Showing the patio extension and sorround walk. These areas were angled to allow rain drainage.
Finished brick work
The kids and I then added planting beds. It should strengthen the edges. If not we will build cement edges. Here, needs more dirt.
Set up two step-downs for yard access between the beds. One width of brick wasn't long enough.
This step has the outer end of the electrical cord. Need to replace the old cord with one designed to be buried.
Planted pentas into anchor positions.
Finished product for now. Waiting for fall to do more planting.
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