Bird Feeders and Planters of Silver & China

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4 Hours
This started with some dishes my guy brought home from an abandoned house.

Moss Rose china pattern by Johann Haviland. 6 plates, 6 fruit bowls, 6 dessert dishes, 6 saucers and 5 cups.

We’d heard of Haviland, but neither of us knew their value, if any.

After Googling around, I found the story about Johann. David Haviland, an American, moved to Limoges, France in the mid-1800s and founded the original Haviland China Company. David had two sons. One was John. There was fussing. The family had issues. The company split.

Some of this china today is nothing special. Mine was nothing special.

I saved the plates and fruit bowls for breakfast dishes. But what to do with the rest?

Bird feeders! Planters!
This is super simple. Take old china or silver, glue pieces together, and mount on a stick. End of project!
I bought copper 1" pipe and a copper end cap from Home Depot. You can also buy galvanized pipe. It costs less. You can paint it to match your decor, if you like. I bought both. My pipes were 6' in length x 1" in diameter.
For heavier items, like the silver pieces, you'll need sturdier connectors. I bought galvanized flanges and couplings. Go to the plumbing department and ask for help, if these are all strange items. They're great help.
What I don't have a picture of is the pole. I bought 6-foot copper piping and
6-foot galvanized piping. Just think a big, metal straw.
I used E6000 to attach everything. The china cup to the china saucer. The copper to the china. The silver lid to the silver base. The galvanized flange and coupling to the silver pieces.

I used galvanized for the silver, in part, because of their weight, but also, because they blended with the silver color. Ideally, I wanted these to appear that they floated in my garden.
I flipped the lid of the coffee pot and E6000-ed it to the pot, balancing it on the handle. E6000 is strong enough to hold a bird while she eats.
This little teapot was given a plant and the lid held the bird seed. Come visit me for more pictures and some of the pros and cons of using china and silver. You'll also see my new bra.

Suggested materials:

  • Copper & galvanized pipe   (Home Depot)

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