Build a Vertical Gardening Teepee - DIY

15 Minutes
This DIY Vertical Garden Structure cost less than $25 and took only 15 minutes to assemble. If you have any climbing vines in your garden – peas, beans, squash, etc., you will definitely want to take advantage of this inexpensive but brilliant tutorial.
Classic look, cheaper than bamboo stakes, and sturdier than tomato cage wires this vertical gardening teepee is simple to make. See how we used it for our large squash vines.
Because - PLANTS! All over the place! Lol! These mystery squash seeds were NOT bush varieties. ;-)
Tie the stakes. Better yet, get a husband to tie the stakes.
Help the vines stick in place - using rope to tie as necessary. The tendrils will eventually grip the stake on their own.
We waited too long, so the heavier fruit needed help staying in place with ropes.

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