5 Simple Steps; How to Build a Stunning DIY Solar Water Fountain

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Welcome, DIY Enthusiasts! If you're passionate about creating unique and sustainable projects for your outdoor space, I have an exciting endeavor for you: building your own DIY solar water fountain.

In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to transform simple flower pots into a stunning water feature that runs solely on solar power.

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Step-by-step guide for building a solar-powered DIY fountain

Get ready to combine your DIY skills with eco-consciousness and create a captivating decorative water element for your garden. Let's dive in and start building!

What materials do I need to construct a DIY water fountain?

Sand the flower pots

1. Gather Materials and Prepare Pots for the DIY Solar Water Fountain

To begin this tiered outdoor fountain, gather the materials you'll need. Start by acquiring two flower pots of different sizes from a convenient and budget-friendly store like Dollar Tree or your local gardening store.

Before painting, lightly scuff up the surface of the pots using 150-grit sandpaper. This step ensures better paint adhesion. Once scuffed, clean the pots to prepare them for the painting process.

Garden decor | How to make a solar water fountain

2. Create a Waterproof Seal and Paint Pots

Apply silicone adhesive to a plastic lid and attach it to the bottom of the smaller pot.

Apply silicone to waterproof the DIY water fountain and prevent leakage

Make sure to create a waterproof seal by applying silicone all around the edge of the lid.

Spray paint the plant pots

While the seal dries, grab stone-textured spray paint to achieve a multi-dimensional finish. Spray paint the outside of both pots, including the inside edge, and allow them to dry overnight. For better coverage, apply a second coat if necessary.

Prepare the concrete mixture

3. Mix Concrete and Build the Base

It's time to build the foundation for our backyard project. Follow the instructions on the bag of ready-mix concrete and prepare it in a separate bucket.

Add the wet concrete to the larger planter

Now, place a coffee filter at the bottom of the larger planter and add a small amount of the mixed concrete.

Place a large rock at the bottom of the planter

To take up space within the concrete, place a large rock in the middle. Carefully pour the wet concrete into the larger pot, filling it approximately one-third full. Remember, the concrete can become heavy quickly, so avoid overfilling the bucket.

Tamper down the mixture with a scrap piece of wood

Use a scrap piece of 2x4 to tamp down the concrete, eliminating any bubbles and achieving a smooth surface.

Place a recycled container on the dry concrete

4. Elevate the Smaller Pot and Add Decorative Elements

To add an elevated touch to your water fountain, position a plastic container in the middle of the concrete. This will heighten the smaller pot and create a visually appealing design.

How do you make a small solar fountain?

To fill out the remaining space without adding extra weight, repurpose garden bed pots from your recycling. These pots are perfect for providing support while maintaining a lightweight structure.

Add washed river rocks to cover the recycled containers

Now, position the smaller pot on top of the elevated base and add river rocks to cover the recycling.

Fountain design ideas and inspiration

Wash another handful of river rocks and place them inside the small pot.

Make a water reservoir with your smaller flower pot

5. Add Water and Embrace Solar Power

The moment has arrived to bring your garden fountain to life!

Fill the small pot with water…

DIY fountain building tutorials

and add this solar fountain, if it’s a sunny day it should start working quickly.

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Step-by-step guide to building a tiered DIY water fountain

Your DIY outdoor fountain is now complete and ready to enjoy!

You've created a captivating centerpiece for your garden by utilizing your artistic flair and sustainable mindset. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the tranquil sound of the water.

DIY Solar Water Fountain

We'd love to hear about your experience and any tips or variations you discovered along the way. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Keep up the amazing work, and may your future DIY endeavors continue to inspire others!

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  • Dor81981730 Dor81981730 on Jun 04, 2023
    I have a solar fountain in my back yard. I find I am constantly replenishing the water within, as it quickly evaporates or, is lost during a slight breeze. It has been positioned in several areas, but does need sunshine to operate so it's no good trying a shady area. Any ideas anyone?
  • Tawny Leste-Carlson Tawny Leste-Carlson on Jan 16, 2024
    Oooh I can’t wait to make this. Do you think this would work if I used plant pots that were a lot bigger?
  • Tonda Tonda on Jan 17, 2024
    Where did you get your water fountain.
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  • Janet Janet on Jan 18, 2024
    I put a solar fountain in my bird bath. The birds love it but you do have to add water more frequently. I’m going to try making the fountain but am going to use deeper pots, maybe I won’t need to add water as frequently.
  • Kat90426442 Kat90426442 on Feb 17, 2024
    I've found wonderful solar fountains for a fraction of the price on Aliexpress. Love new ideas as I like to have running water everywhere. I used a horse trough to create a lager, deeper 'pond' and have a dozen beautiful goldfish to watch.