Old Windows Greenhouse

Karen Lowry
by Karen Lowry
I had been saving old windows for years in hopes that someday my husband would build me a greenhouse out of them and two years ago he did. We were out to dinner and started talking about it and I drow him a picture on a napkin of what I wanted and he took it from there. Here are some pics.
Leveled the ground added pea gravel and started the Fondation.
Then started placing the windows
We add corrugated roofing around the bottom
And used small animal fencing for the benches
I love my greenhouse
Now I just enjoy 😊
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  • Mha7407867 Mha7407867 on Jun 24, 2016
    When you say, "started the foundation" could you please elaborate. Did you pour a concrete floor?
  • Sharontenteclarke Sharontenteclarke on Jun 24, 2016
    What did you use for the roof? Do you have ventilation? I have been saving growing house windows, and what to do one also.
  • Debbie Sheegog Debbie Sheegog on Mar 21, 2021

    Hi, great project, and I really relate to your design and completion as we are now renovating our 100 yr.-old chicken house, a dream of mine since we bought this farm 25 years ago. Have you run into issues around lead paint and how to possibly cover it w/ a special paint or varnish? I would appreciate any and all comments! There are tests that I am going to get in next day or two so if it’s positive for lead I need the solution and hoping someone here has already dealt with such a dilemma. The windows we saved are so awesome it’s worth the work, but know already no one except a professional should attempt to remove lead paint, highly toxic! Thanks so much and stay well.

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  • Sandra Mullins Sandra Mullins on Jul 08, 2020

    I love your greenhouse. It’s special & unique. Did a great job ! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gail Guidance Gail Guidance on Aug 15, 2020

    Love it!!! I just inherited a truck load of window panes from my dad so I was looking at what I could do with all of them. I would love to have a window pane “she shed”! Yours is darling!!!!