Repurposing Old Bird Bath Base as Planter

White Oak Studio Designs
by White Oak Studio Designs
I love unexpected or unusual planters in the garden. I have this pottery bird bath base without its matching top. It's been lingering in my pole barn for several years while I pondered how to use it. The raccoons kept knocking it over and breaking the top. Frankly, I got tired of replacing the top and bought another style where the top stays on. I have four bird baths out in my garden so I was looking for a creative way to use the base. Here’s what I did:
1) Buried the base upside down in the soil so the widest side was facing up.
2) Added a clay pot base as a saucer
3) Added an old galvanized bucket with a handle and planted a large pot of petunias in the pot.
4) Assembled and ta-da!
The birdbath base repurposed and planted.
The parts assembled but before planted. The top kept blowing off with the narrow side up so I turned it upside down and dug a hole and put the narrow side down.
A mass of annual petunias brings color to the garden!
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