Up Cycling an Indoor Lamp to an Outdoor Lamp.

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In this project I am going to show you how to change an old lamp into awesome outdoor light.
I first came with the idea when I saw this beat up old ceramic boot at Goodwill. I wanted to create a nice lamp for my sister's Christmas gift. I refurbished a table and chairs for her porch (Another tutorial for a future article). I wanted to have lighting that was mild and came on automatically after dark. I used a dollar tree outdoor solar lamp for this project. The (Lamp shade) is a dollar tree plastic bowl.
I did not want it to look like a bowl so I decorated it using contact paper cut outs. The contact paper was put through my printer (after being cut to 8.5x11 paper size. I printed my design on the paper side of the contact paper. Small pointed scissors made it easy to cut out my designs. I placed the decals around the shade evenly.
I used Krylon glass frosting to make the clear bowl frosted to help diffuse the light. It is important to not frost the top of the bowl so that light can hit the solar panel and the light can charge.
I painted the boot white to make it stand out more.
I used a foam kids sword from the dollar tree to hold the light onto the shade. I cut it to a size that wrapped snuggly around the light. I glued the foam to the bowl so that if the light were to stop working it would be easy to slip out and replace.
I further decorated it by attaching the first letter of my sister's last name to the boot. I got this at Walmart and painted it to match the table and chairs I was refurbishing.
I further decorated it by adding a cute wooden trim of beads obtained from Hobby lobby.
Overall I think it turned out great and looks awesome on my sister's front porch.
Suggested materials:
  • Dollar tree plastic mixing bowl
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  • Haysha S. Haysha S. on Jan 09, 2017
    Love it!

  • Ginger the farm gal Ginger the farm gal on Apr 18, 2017
    Love the western look here in the south, too. Gave away my old cow boy boots in my last yard sale, but at least I know they got worn, away from the yard sale as a matter of fact ! Great job love it, so inspiring to pull up my boot straps and get something going western style