New garden and pond

Finally, last pics to be posted of garden redo and new pond....follow my earlier posts and this is final post, hope u all enjoy my new garden and pond spring will b doing a rock garden w left over rocks, succalents and basins at the end of my garden..........
New back yard, no trees and lots of lawn
Beginning of pond layout, above ground this time and different
layout of cherry timbers for garden
Ginger decided she wanted to help me layout soil.....urrrrr
Master at work and deciding layout........hmmmmmm, what to do with pond???
starting to build it up
I decided to go get the soil and all.....
Scott hard at work
Remember these rocks?? Now that we decided to do a different pond, what to do with them...ok, will make a hilled rock pile w succalents in basins all over the rocks in spring.....
looking nice thru arbor, looking from back door
all tiers finished on garden, laying out pond and what to do with that???
Oh no, not the way I wanted it done! Wanted a continuous circle..oh well.....haha, guess it will look great he said.....
taking a break, doing rose bushes, fence
plants starting to plant
finished pond, ok it looks good, like it.....but oh no again, went away and came back to the falls like this, no no ugly and not what I wanted...........what a mess.....oops
wanted falls flat on sides for plants, he will shoot me in the morning when I tell him.......oh well, we discussed it!!!
really like how the pond came out in front, I will stain the ends to match the cherry color
took out the mesh did not like it for o weeds, do have it on the bottom
ok, now that is what I am talking about.......flat on the sides for plants and c how nice it looks!!! This is my own design and what to use, honey just built nice finally
so nice
coming together nicely
my home made birdbath I did
remember my little hibiscus I brought
new sun loving coleus this year, three of them
on the right of the grass, new sun loving coleus.....I only have a sunny area to grow things, no trees at all
just love the burghandy coleus, it got to b 4 foot tall
my working area
love my frogs
view from pond down the garden
remember my Coreopsis in the pot, yep, look how big and all, came out nice, did not put it back in the ground, left it in pot and was perfect behind falls
wow, from previous pic of my hibiscus, still going strong
garden all full and nice
my wild grass from the woods
sun loving Coleus, look how tall this one is, these are new sun loving ones this year and this one is about 2 feet tall
look how nice the burghandy one is
just love these little trailing zinias, think that is what they are, look like a sunflower, love them, they are about the size of a dime
another sun loving Coleus
look how nice my transplanted lambs ear is spreading, want it to spread around the pond here and over to the hosta ...taking hosta out next year, too sunny for them here, behind house will b good, some shade
pond area with pond plants of grasses and mnt, smells so nice when the water falls hits it and the spray
my plants on the side of the falls look so nice, so glad I had Scott change it for me....hee, hee
froggie watching over garden and pond, even this Coleus is huge
back of falls
grass transplanted so nice, grew tall
this is the 4 foot burghandy Coleus, wow
one of the new sun loving Coleus, it is so pretty and different
need to repaint my birdbath I made this winter, inside needs it
rose bush
nice view of full garden and pond, falls
succalent in drift wood
I was so pleased with theis Coleus that is in a pot, this now is 2 and half feet tall

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  • Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss on Apr 11, 2014
    @ Sharon B: What a project! I admire you for taking it on, and it came out so nicely! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy it! I would love to know more about your bird say you did it yourself. It's really pretty and very creative. Please let me know if you can clue me in about how you made it. Thank You! Elisabeth Moss
  • Guenter Thiel Guenter Thiel on Mar 20, 2015
    Lovely. Sharon I built a goldfish pond many years ago. Love your work!