Stunning Pondless Waterfall is the Focal Point of this Backyard near Houston, Texas

This pondless waterfall was created to become the centerpiece if the view from this suburban home.
Completed water feature with landscaping and pathway
Aquascape order is filled and waiting to go.
Aquascape pump vaults are installed and AquaBlox matrix assembled.
Large center waterfall begins to take shape.
With center waterfall complete, work begins on the smaller falls that will encompass it.
Finished in time for Christmas. What a great present to the family!
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  • Beatrice, The swimming pool industry has some very tight rules in place for bodies of water that are created for human immersion. The type of filtration, lights, pumps, etc. Our ponds do not meet those strict requirements, although our large ponds are filtered exactly the same way as the swimming ponds or natural swimming pools in Europe. However, we can't advertise or insinuate that our ponds are built for swimming.

  • Beatrice Tangeman Beatrice Tangeman on May 12, 2015
    Got it. I definitely believe there would be an interest for them here.