This is a project to bring a customers back yard to be their home paradise that I am happy to report they enjoy everyday

This 6500 gal. Aquascape Koi pond,has 3 different waterfalls, 2 of which are upbog filters and a 2500 series biofalls for the heavy fish load the customer has along with their 2 turtles, that the customers enjoy watching every evening
This is the clients view from the back door and the porch,the up bog waterfalls are on the left side of the pond along the path to the swing which is a great seating area in the late afternoon as the sun sets
The view from the far side of the outreaching deck, you can see how the Koi feeding area is at the porches edge giving the illusion that the pond goes under the porch
Viewing the pond at this angle you can see an air wall that we have installed to help with the aeration along with a view of one of the upbog waterfalls, and one of the sunning rocks for the turtles
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