Small House Country Garden Playhouse Set for Summer

Our petite playhouse has been a place where I decorate, garden and just plain have fun. I found this cute structure for sale on a country road a few years ago for just $75.00 and I scooped it up immediately. I originally bought it as a playhouse for our out-of-town granddaughters but in all honesty I probably “play” there more than they do!
It holds an overflow of toys and gets emptied out and played in when they come to visit.
I’ve painted, decorated and added fieldstones and perennials to charm it up and each year I get a bit more done. This spring I added two climbing vines 1) a purple (Multi-Blue) clematis and a 2) a Honeysuckle (Lonicera x brownii /Dropmore Scarlett) climbing up a metal second-hand plate rack to double as trellis.
My planting style is definitely informal. The playhouse is already surrounded by easy-care daylilies that I planted a few years back. Earlier this spring, I also transplanted small chunks of white daisy’s, lavender cat mint and to colors of heritage iris to add more color to the country garden setting. Within a couple of years they too will bloom and bring more color, form and interest to the space. Every effort I make is informal and rustic which suits our country garden to a tee.
I have plans to transplant more catmint along the side flower beds if we get a rainy spell yet this year. I mulched the flower bed heavily with bark chips to keep plants moist and prepare the hard ground for more transplants.
More second-hand finds mounted this spring on the side of the playhouse include; a painted Victorian metal vase along with, a flag holder with garden flag - all help the playhouse to become a centerpiece of our meadow garden.
It’s fun to decorate for the seasons and to share with those who come to tour our garden. Stop in for a personalized tour if you are ever in our area!
The side view of our country garden playhouse as it sits in our meadow. The Small House can be seen in the far distance of this photograph.
The new honeysuckle climber on the repurposed plate rack doubling as a low cost trellis.
A newly planted clematis vine with a gorgeous purple bloom will add more color to the playhouse garden as the vine grows. Such stunning purple blooms!
The east side of the playhouse garden and décor. A painted wooden American flag and flowers grace the house and garden.
A closer view of the clematis blooms. So beautiful!

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