Decided this year after many tornadoes swept through our area, to put in a storm shelter. I spent my vacation money--on a trip I hope I never have to take. Anyway, friends, it certainly had a noble purpose, but such an eyesore. I decided to "re-purpose" my little vacation property. We stained the concrete, put in a flagstone walk and placed raised beds all around. I planted a few veggies, crepe myrtles (an awesome black one) and other plants. Next year I will expand the veggie part. Placed large pots on top to cover the air vents and will also next year put shelves on them to house herbs. Texas sun is unmerciful to gardens, so in order to get my veggies to set fruit we put a cedar post top on it. Lets in light but provides some shade. "Lipstick on a pig"..of sorts. I have pretty canas blooming now, so it is looking better. Thinking of painting a funky picture on the door. Open to suggestions. Maybe a verse. Whatcha think?
Always playing in the dirt.
Zucchini in raised "Storm Shelter" garden
MY little "vacation" property.
Cukes and jasmine, tomatoes and ornamentals.
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  • Su Su on Aug 26, 2013
    Zee I lived in Burleson most all my life my folks still live there and I have tried talking them into a storm shelter or the very least a generator for when the power goes out they don't lose everything...but all I got was blue in the face....of course OK is in zone ...but here we stay with our nose in the air :).......I have never thought of or seen anyone fancy up a shelter ...You have done a great job very attractive and interesting now...way to go

  • Kate Kate on Aug 15, 2016
    Your growing vegetables over it makes me think of the WWII Andersen Shelters in the UK. They had to be partially buried anyway, and food was rationed, so vegetables went over them. Yours is likely to be prettier than most, though! Paint could be good on the exposed concrete, if you're ready to keep repainting it. Hopefully only the outside of it will ever need to be of interest!

    • Zee Zee on Aug 15, 2016
      Thank you. Many of my plantings are large now and cover exposed shelter quite well. Thank goodness we have never had to use it for its intended purpose c