Red or White?

This barn and fence paint comes in red or white only!
I chose Red! This paint is great and reasonable prices at $15 per gal compared to exterior paint at $25 plus per gal. If you are ok with the choice of only red or white go with this paint.
Fence before
Fence after.
Another area of fence. I will say that the wood was so dry and weather it did use quite a bit of paint. For 2 areas of fence front and back plus gate front and back I used 2 gal.
The gate is brand new. The wood was raw but not weathered and didn't seem to need as much paint as the weathered fence areas.

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  • Looks good, but why can't they tint the white to any color? They also have a deck paint for wood (would be totally fine for the fence material you have) that comes in a variety of colors. Maybe the associate didn't tell you that??? Anyway, I like the red you did!

  • Kini Kini on Mar 01, 2016
    Thank you. This paint is not carried in the stores. It's an online order only. Its an oil and latex formula plus livestock safe. The stains and paints you are referring to, again cost $10 more per gal than this paint. I was liking to save money.