Bathroom Vanity Mirror Makeover With Unicorn Spit and Silver Paint

3 Materials
1 Week
I wanted to reuse our vanity mirror in our bathroom remodel and spent time painting it with unicorn spit and metallic silver paint. But with the new higher comfort height vanity it didn't fit! ☹️ So I found a new home for it and it's perfect.
These are the products I used. Mod podge because the mirror frame is plastic. Unicorn spit adheres better on plastic with a coat of mod podge in my experience. Zia teal and Grace C Hummingbird unicorn spit.Metallic acrylic paint in silver.Spar oil based urethane. Best for a moist environment like a bathroom in my original plan for thIs redo.
I don't have a lot of process pictures (this was done before I started posting on hometalk). The mirror is oval shaped in oil rubbed bronze color and I liked the details on it. I cleaned it well and applied a coat of mod podge.
I took the mirror out of the frame and painted the inner rim in the metallic silver. Then I used the zia teal unicorn spit in the middle. I lightly wiped the detail ridges with a damp paper towel to make it look distressed. The outer rim is Grace C Hummingbird unicorn spit. Love the sparkle in the Hummingbird!
Then I did 3 coats of the spar urethane. It matched my vanity perfectly! So you can imagine my disappointment when it wouldn't fit. 😞
There was no way I was going to not find a spot for this beauty. And voila! She found a home in my makeup area. Perfect spot and I get to use it all the time. Sometimes plan B is even better. 😄
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn spit Zia Teal and Grace C Hummingbird   (Online vendors)
  • Mod podge   (Walmart)
  • Spar urethane   (Ace hardware)
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