Oh Leather, How Much I Love You!

2 Days
Walking through a thrift store looking for my next victim and out jumped this solid wood antique chair with a very bad attempt at recaning. Obviously someone either gave up or just didn't know how. For $3, she's all mine.
Chair before
Close up of not so great job. Started good I'm sure but looks as if frustration set in and caning went crooked and twisted in many spots.
Removed caning, wiped down chair, sanded the seat slightly and had some Espresso stain that was a perfect match. I did not touch any other part of this chair as I loved the already aged look and the fact that it is all tongue and groove and not a screw or bolt in sight. The natural lines in the wood show nicely through the stain. I added a semi gloss polycrylic to protect the wood seat.
Instead of caning I decided to weave leather lace that you can purchase by the spool in your local craft store in assorted colors.
Close up of the weave. Being very careful not to get any twists and to make it nice and tight but not so tight it will pop or split once sat on. Lots of patience, sore fingers and a great project for in front of a good movie or TV show.
Perfect for my great grandmother's secretary desk my mom gave to me. I love it and the best $3 I have spent in a long time.
Start of the weaving process.
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