Cute Curio Cabinet

My stupid camera has frozen up on me so no before picture for this one.
Picked it up from the dump for $5.
No handles and WAS dark blue.
I thought I would go the cheating route and simply distress it as it sat,but then I thought it would look nicer white.
First I had to get it apart,so doors off.

An hour later,the first one was down.

It was a chore because the hinges were painted solid.
Painted over hinges and screws as well. I could scream.
I wish I had left it alone,this one had SEVEN layers of different paint on it.SEVEN !!!
Using the ole heat gun I began to remove all the paint,layer by layer by layer.

The final one was orange........UGH.......what are people thinking.

Once all the paint was off,I gave her a sand using three different sanders to get in all the tight bits and did the inside by hand,it was a mess for sure.

Once that was done,it was clear that I had a really nice Oak cabinet.

I made it easy on myself by doing 3 coats of white that I could distress,but the insides took almost 6 layers to cover the orange that I couldn't quite get out.

I also had 2 small knobs that were perfect for this piece,so added them on once all the paint was dry.

I took out some 120 paper and gave her a light scrape to show a small amount of the wood coming through .

In all,a five dollar investment and a little time and it looks okay.
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