Turn Your Queen Sized Mattress Into a King Sized Bed!

by Jeannefrances
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I've been wanting a king sized bed for quite awhile, but didn't want to have to shop for a new mattress and furniture to go with it. I thought of a perfect solution using our existing queen sized mattress! We now have a comfortable and inexpensive king sized bed that we are able to use with the bedframe we already had!
We started by taking our queen mattress and box springs off of our bedframe. My husband added some support to the frame where the box springs had sat and then attached a platform made from plywood.
We laid the queen mattress sideways across the platform. We then measured the gap between the mattress and the foot of the bed to help us determine how big of a box we needed.
The box that Jack made didn't have a bottom because it was going to be attached to the platform to keep it from moving. There is, however, support on the top to help it keep it's shape and to give it a little extra strength.
We always need storage at our house and this "foot box" is great for that! I used it to store items that I seldom need, such as extra bed pillows, large suitcases, and blankets. ***Notice the 1" x 2" board toward the bottom of the picture. It's about half way down the box so I have something to tuck my fitted sheets across to keep them from coming off the end of the bed.
After filling the box, I covered it with the lid that Jack had made.
We had purchased a king sized foam mattress topper and I placed it over the mattress and box to create a smooth transition between the two and to add some cushioning for our feet.
Our finished bed! What do you think? You would never know that it wasn't a traditional king sized mattress and it's really comfortable.
Suggested materials:
  • Foam Mattress Topper   (Overstock.com)
  • Bedspread   (Overstock.com)
  • Wood   (Cripple Creek Ace Hardware & Supply)
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  • Maria Welch Maria Welch on Nov 21, 2021

    I’m wondering why you didn’t use the box spring? It’s such a great idea.

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