Wild Things-the Story of Ikea Kids Chairs Rescued & Upcycled

Here is a matched set of children's play room chairs with decoupage. I found the chairs at a local thrift and after tightening the bolts, cleaning, giving them a light sanding and priming with Zinser water based primer I was ready to get started on the decoupage aspects.
For the paper I used a discarded copy of Where the Wild Things Are with a cover in very poor condition. Since the cover was shot, but the illustrations were in good shape, I had no issues using this beloved children's book in my work. Other papers were found in my collection of scrap book papers. The most challenging part was fitting all the small pieces together.
I use a mixture of white glue and water (3 parts glue 1 part water) as my decoupage medium, not only does it have great sticking qualities, it dries clear and does not feel sticky once it completely dries. Over the top of multiple layers of glue, I add several coats of water based polyurethane to ensure the illustrations are water proof and will last for a lifetime.
Thanks for looking at my projects, I hope you like them. To see more of my work, please visit my Etsy shop - Decoupagia
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